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Concentrator And Separator Of Solvents. It's common knowledge that the solvents present in the air in low concentrations are recoverable with difficulty.
This device allows to concentrate and separate solvents dispersed in the polluted air; this allows to treat big quantities of polluted airwith reduced costs .

1) Organic solvents can be concentrated and separated from low concentration polluted air.
2) High deodorizing efficiency and continuos air purification.
3) Low operation costs.
4) Long life of the plant.
5) Compared with a direct incineration system, the fuel consumption can be reduced in combination with a catalytic oxidizer or an existing oven and, on the same time, the released heat can be recovered

PLANT DESCRIPTION This plant consists of a rotor ÒhoneycombÓ type made by high efficiency activated carbon which absorbs the solvents present in the polluted air flow and releases them, highly concentrated, in a smaller flow of process-air.
This process is done continuously, rotating the rotor.
The only moving parts are the process-fan and the little driving motor for rotating the rotor.


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